Sponsor- & partnerships

Thanks to the Erasmus+-programme and a lot of volunteer work we now have the means to produce the basic data architecture and the first version of the introductory game. It will be played in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark no later than 2020.

But we could and should go faster and further. We aim to:

  • make Europe Alive an integral part of the High School curriculum in the other 24 member countries
  • develop further educative games about the Euro, how citizens can influence the EU, the EU legal system, and the global challenges of the EU
  • make it public accessible and free of charge, run by the nonprofit Europe Alive Association.

A broader dissemination will demand translations and adaptations to the High School curriculum and educational contexts all over Europe. It will also require different kind of online support for teachers and schools.

This requires financial support as well as friends and partners in education and related business.

We offer three different sponsor packages Silver package, Gold package and Star package (links to beneath). Silver package implies that sponsor names will be mentioned in written materials and online for next three years - the other two will include logos and an even more visible exposure on the platform for the coming five years.